Lindsay Lohan rolls up 48 Minutes Late!

Lindsay Lohan has arrived in court for a hearing that will determine whether the actress goes to jail or averts a trial on charges that she lied to police.   The troubled 26-year-old actress took a red-eye from New York to Los Angeles in a last-minute bid to make the 8:30am hearing after she deplaned an earlier commercial flight amid safety concerns.

In the mad dash to avoid a bench warrant being issued for her arrest Lohan’s private plane landed five minutes after she was due to appear at the courthouse where a judge awaited her appearance.


She arrived 48 minutes later, and is believed to have struck a plea deal with prosecutors as talks continue in the judge’s chambers.

According to TMZ, Lohan’s lawyer’s co-counsel was seen pulling a plea form from a desk before returning to the chambers, over two hours after the actress made her arrival.

Lohan appeared to have time to make a quick change. Last seen wearing all black in New York, she arrived to the courthouse in a white and rose coloured blouse, sheer white skinny pants and grey heels.   She shielded her eyes with round sunglasses as she was escorted inside amid a flurry of reporters.

Despite the entourage a bystander managed to maneuver through the crowd to throw gold glitter  confetti on the star as she made her way in.   According to the New York Daily News, Lohan’s lawyer at one point leaned into the actress and indicated he hoped the hearing would end promptly.

‘And then you can go surfing,’ he is quoted as saying, inspiring a laugh from the star.   The appearance followed a dramatic night of last-minute travel arrangements for Lohan.

Entertainment Tonight reports her plane landed at Atlantic Aviation at Los Angeles International Airport rather than Van Nuys airport, where she was initially scheduled to deplane.   The 26-year-old secured a flight aboard a private jet to get her back to Los Angeles in time for her court appearance on Monday morning.   She is in a race against the clock to make it back from New York to attend her scheduled trial over charges that she violated her probation last June.

A source told E! Newsthat Lindsay was able to secure a flight on a private jet that was delayed slightly as the plane will have to make one stop to refuel along the way.   The plane appears to have been provided by a Los Angeles-based energy drink company for which  she has made promotional appearances.








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