Mark Wright shows off his toned body!

David Beckham famously put the sex factor back in to white pants after posing in them for Armani.   And now Essex’s answer to Golden Balls – Mark Wright – has proved once again that pants can be sexy as he posed in a pair of tighty whities on a shoot in Spain.   The 26-year-old gave the footballer a run for his money as he showed off his impressive and slightly wet body as he pulled a variety of poses poolside, in images that are sure to make many a woman swoon.


But while Mark regularly says how lucky he is to be dating the Coronation Street actress, it is Michelle who is the lucky one if these pictures are anything to go by.

‘Two years ago I was reading FHM and now my girlfriend is the best looking girl in FHM. I do really love her.’   He continued, refereeing to his past romantic history: ‘I think everyone knows I wasn’t the best boyfriend in the world before but this time it’s for real.’


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