It’s difficult dating on the show!

There have been many ups and downs in the relationship department over the five series that E4’s hit reality show Made In Chelsea has been on air.   But aside from a brief dalliance with co-star Jamie Laing, MIC star Binky Felstead has yet to see a relationship blossom on the small screen – which suits her just fine.   Appearing on This Morning on Tuesday, the 23-year-old television personality confessed to Philip Schofeild and Holly Willoughby that she isn’t looking to find love in front of the cameras, telling the presenters it would be too ‘difficult’ to have her love life played out in front of the nation.


‘I’m single and going to see what happens, really,’ she said on the daytime show before revealing why she would shy away from the cameras should she find someone she wants to settle down with.

‘It’s quite difficult dating someone on the show. You’ve got the lights on you and it’s a bit intense.’   She went on to explain that she would rather date someone off-screen, like her friend and co-star Millie Mackintosh (who is now engaged to Professor Green), and revealed she has enjoyed a secret relationship in the past – but this was met with different problems.

‘I’ve had a relationship off the show and it was hard because they didn’t understand… It’s nice to have something private, but then they will get found out.’   The star also revealed that jealousy can be a result of a relationship with someone not involved in the show before saying again it would be too ‘difficult’ to date someone on it.   She was joined on the famous sofa by fellow MIC stars Jamie Laing and Lucy Watson.   Rounding on Lucy, presenter Holly asked why she felt it was necessary to be rude to so many of the other cast members, pointing out her major contribution to the show is stirring up trouble.

try and be as honest and direct as possible. I think honesty is key,’ the dark haired socialite said, defending her actions – while Jamie offered an alternative view suggesting Lucy was simply ‘socially stupid’ (charming!)


The McVitie’s heir was mortified to hear that his friend on the show, Francis Boulle, was Holly’s favourite character out of the cast.   The presenter tried to soften the blow by telling him, ‘You’re very sweet – but you’re far too naughty with the ladies, I’m afraid.’   Indeed Jamie has recently found himself in an awkward position on the show after chasing Lucy and fellow star Phoebe, despite having a girlfriend named Tara for six months.

At the beginning of the segment, Holly and Phil lampooned the BAFTA nominated show, spoofing one of the awkwardly long pauses that has made the TV series such a success.   ‘But you knew she was my friend,’ announced Holly as cameras panned back to the pair after some video content from the show.   ‘Awkward,’ she added before Phil comically mimed some strained silence.   Philip remained silent for the vast majority of the interview to allow self-confessed MIC addict Holly to lead the segment – only really raising interest in Jamie’s great grandfather who invented the humble digestive biscuit.


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