Selena Gomez sues perfume company!

It seems that every celebrity in Hollywood has a perfume to their name.   But Selena Gomez has found that lending one’s name to a bottle of fragrance isn’t always the easy route. The 20-year-old teen star is counter-suing fragrance company Adrenalina, which is accusing her of backing out of a multi-million dollar endorsement deal.


The Come And Get It singer claims the defunct perfume makers actually owe her at least 5.2million because their business deal fell apart.   A source told gossip website TMZ that Selena has filed a countersuit against the company claiming she only backed out because Adrenalina was going broke and couldn’t afford to manufacture or market her perfume line.   The company filed a lawsuit against the brunette beauty last month for breaking a contract to be a spokesperson for the brand.   According to court documents filed by her attorney Michael Weinsten, Adrenalina promised to pay the Spring Breakers star 5per cent royalty on sales of all Selena-brand scents, and guaranteed her minimum earnings of $5.2million.

Her legal team insists Selena only terminated her contract with the company to protect her reputation after she discovered it could barely afford to pay its own employees.   Mr Weinsten previously said their lawsuit was without merit, adding: ‘Any claim that Selena did not meet her promotional obligations is ridiculous, manufactured after Adrenalina was terminated.    ‘Selena will vigorously defend this lawsuit, and will soon bring her own lawsuit against Adrenalina for millions in damages.’

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