Love is in the air!

He’s been busy as Diet Coke’s new creative director after unveiling his first can design in March.

So Marc Jacobs is making sure he takes full advantage of his well-deserved vacation with boyfriend Harry Louis.


The couple were seen showing off their chiseled physiques in skimpy swimshorts as they kissed, held hands and frolicked in the ocean together on Ipanema Beach on Sunday in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The fashion designer and his porn star beau were seen lounging on their sunbeds with a female friend, drinking fresh coconut water as they soaked up the sun.

Marc, 49, wore a tiny black swimsuit while Harry, 25, who has already made a name for himself in the adult movie industry, donned heart-patterned shorts that left little to the imagination.


Both men sported incredible muscular physiques as they shared a lingering kiss on the sand, before taking a dip together in the ocean.   The pair clearly couldn’t keep their hands off each other, holding hands and kissing as they enjoyed their day in the sun.

At one point, the affection even appeared to get too much for Marc as he seemed to gently be pushing his lover away when he tried to kiss his neck.

But there were no hard feelings as Marc, clearly impressed by his boyfriend’s impeccable body, snapped photos of the hunk as he stood in a series of different poses.


Marc was also seen lathering on sunscreen to make sure there was no sunburn marks at the end of the day as Harry appeared occupied with his cellphone.

The pair were likely taking the holiday to see in Marc’s 50th birthday, which falls on April 9.

After their amorous sunbathing session, Marc donned a V-neck black T-shirt and baggy trousers, while Harry barely covered up in a skimpy blue tank top, opting to leave the beach in just his swimshorts.

Harry is clearly smitten with his famous boyfriend, tweeting a series of messages and pictures of Marc in quick succession on Sunday.

In one tweet, which shows Marc in a pool, Harry wrote: ‘Hot, beautiful, and just too sexy for one single pic!!! I love my baby!!!!’

In another tweet he wrote, ‘Sunny and hot!!! With my baby next to me, even hotter!!!!’

The pair have been dating for a little over a year after Marc split from his handsome Brazilian ex-model boyfriend Lorenzo Martone in 2010.

Initially, the couple refused to confirm or deny reports that they were dating.

According to Brazilian gossip site GPSBrasilia, Marc met his youthful and exotic-looking partner in London, where Louis is now based.






True Hunk

New episodes of HBO’s True Blood is still two months away.

But fans of the vampy series can still get an eyeful of Alexander Skarsgard shirtless in a just-released still from the upcoming film Disconnect. The Swedish 36-year-old longingly peers through a doorway while flaunting his sculpted pecs and defined abs.


The six-foot-four stud plays a man who’s drawn into a dangerous situation with his girlfriend (Paula Patton) when their secrets are exposed online.

The ensemble drama thriller, due out April 12, is described as ‘a group of people searching for human connections in today’s wired world.’

Disconnect also stars Jason Bateman, Hope Davis, Andrea Riseborough, and Marc Jacobs making his acting debut.


Disconnect: The ensemble drama thriller, due out April 12, is described as ‘a group of people searching for human connections in today’s wired world’   The 49-year-old designer plays a ‘sleazy’ surrogate parent of underage street kids – promising shelter and cash if they engage in web-chat porn and prostitution.

Alexander, whose father is Stellan Skarsgard, was last seen wine-tasting with a buddy at The Oaks Gourmet Market in Los Feliz on Saturday.  The single hunk has reportedly romanced Amanda Seyfried, Evan Rachel Wood, Kate Bosworth, Elizabeth Olsen, and Ellen Page.

Skarsgard is still in talks to put his impeccable Adonis form on display in the title role of Tarzan.

‘It’s a very, very good script,’ the Melancholia star told Crave OnlineThursday.

‘It’s a really, really good script but it’s also a very big movie so it’s not super easy to just get a project like that off the ground.’

Jessica Chastain and Samuel L. Jackson are also rumoured to star in the action-adventure helmed by Harry Potter director David Yates.

Alexander also stars with Riseborough in horror-thriller, Hidden, about a family surviving a dangerous outbreak in a bomb shelter for 301 days.

The Straw Dogs star is also set to appear in the drama, What Maisie Knew, with Julianne Moore and Steve Coogan.

True Blood’s sixth season premieres on HBO June 16.