Eighties Moment!

Christina Aguilera shows off her smaller figure and bigger hair in Pitbull’s new video.

The curves are still there but compared to her big teased out hair , Christina appera to have slimmed down for her new film clip with Pitbull.


Realeased on Friday , the video for Feel The Moment sees a slightly more slender Christina dancing by herself and pulling her sexist faces.

The black and white clip has a decidedly Eighties feel thanks to the mother of one’s giant hair and a decision to show different scenes of Pitbull and the former Voice judge in comic book like panel sequences.   No doubt the director of the video took inspiration from the Eighties classic Take On Me by A-Ha, which the Latina rapper also sampled in the new dance song.   Being Pitbull’s song and just featuring Christina, the clip is mainly dedicated to him however, the platinum blonde manages to steal the show with her sexy solo dancing.


While Pitbull attempts to show just how well he is doing – flying in private jets, staying and  recording in the world’s top hotels and performing to thousands of people – a black and white Christina dances around on a stage by herself with spot lights going on and off to the music.   The 32-year-old has clearly been putting some time in at the gym and happily showed off her hard work in skin tight sparkling leggings, a leather jacket and platform Christian Louboutins.   Despite being shot in black and white, the singer ensured she still turned up her sex appeal,  mouthing the lyrics to Pitbull’s rap while bouncing up in down in a crouched position.


The singer also made sure to do plenty of sexy faces, playfully biting her finger.   It is not until the very end of the video that Pitbull and Christina join forces and are shown together.   In footage from a previous concert, Christina dances around the rapper in a sequined corset  with a long train at the back.   The singer was obviously very excited for the new video tweeting numerous times to get her  fans as excited as she was.