Ke$ha shares Cannabis Spliff with Snoop Dog!

Snoop Dogg and Ke$ha clearly don’t know the smoking laws.

The legendary rapper and the young singer walked on stage at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday night smoking what appeared to be a cannabis joint.

2013 MTV Movie Awards - Show

They passed it back and forth during their presentation and left it up to the audience to decide what they were really puffing.   While it was difficult to tell whether it was marijuana or tobacco in the spliff, 26-year-old Ke$ha’s facial expressions seem to suggest the former.

Rapper Snoop, who currently goes by the name Snoop Lion, wore shades as he puffed away.

The 41-year-old is no stranger to smoking pot in public, as he has been arrested multiple times for marijuana use and possession in the past and has been a long time advocate for legal marijuana use.


Even though smoking marijuana with a medical license in California is legal, it’s illegal to smoke pot in a public place, much less on national television at the MTV Movie Awards.   Regardless of what they were smoking, considering the majority of the audience are minors, the stunt probably won’t be very well-received.