Chris Brown and Rihanna in toxic Twitter exchange!

The on-again off-again couple finally seem to have called it quits last week. But Rihanna, 25, and Chris Brown, 24, have taken to Twitter to voice their mutual contempt for each other.


The music superstars sent out thinly veiled tweets on Thursday and Friday seemingly accusing each other of playing the field while they dated.

Rihanna started it off, uploading an Instagram picture on Thursday with the words:

‘If I drop all my hoes for you and we still don’t work out you owe me some hoes.’


Although the meaning isn’t clear, the picture insinuates that Rihanna either dropped all her friends when she was with Chris or that he was unfaithful to her.

Chris then upped the nastiness factor by tweeting on Friday: ‘She’s not mine if she’s everybody elses.’


The ex couple also sent out tweets on Wednesday that appeared to be directed at each other, with Chris tweeting:

‘Sometimes loving someone is too much! So loving from a distance will help everyone grow! Be blessed. Live ya life!’

Rihanna then tweeted her own message a short while later, stating:

‘Settling is not an option! Nothing less than 100% loyalty, honesty, and respect!! Love ain’t for kidz #butimsleeptho’.   Chris’ Friday tweet comes after reports that Rihanna was partying with ex JR Smith on Tuesday after her show in New York.

But the rapper isn’t blameless himself after he spent his birthday celebrations last weekend partying with ex-girlfriend Karreuche Tran.

The rapper recently made some kinder comments about the break-up during an interview on the Kyle and Jackie O radio show

‘I’m always going to love that person … [but] I can’t be focused on wife-ing someone that young — I need to step forward and be a man and be the best Chris Brown I can be,’ he said.

Desert Chic!

Being famous surely has it’s perks. And at Coachella 2013, that means hanging out backstage with some of the biggest names in rock.

Paris Hilton and her sister Nicky pulled out their celebrity card as they made their way around the crowd of thousands on Friday, posing for snaps outside the presumably air-conditioned trailer of DJ Sece.


‘Backstage at #Coachella with my beautiful sis @NickyHilton,’ the reality star tweeted.  With temperatures reaching 90 degrees Fahrenheit they both dressed in printed sleeveless mini dresses.

The pair showed off their festival tresses, wrapping up their long blonde locks in tight braids and native-inspired headbands.


The 32-year-old’s model boyfriend River Viiperi was ready for the heat, stripping off his T-shirt.  ‘Having the best time showing @RealRiverViiperi for his 1st #Coachella. #GoodTimes,’ she wrote.


First up for the trio was catching DJ Nicky Romero, as River excited shared a snap from the crowd.

This year marks the first time that fans will have multiple chances of catching their favourte bands as the same acts are set to play on both weekends.   Blur and The Stone Roses, who recently reunited after a long hiatus, mark the festival’s return to its rock roots as Friday’s headliners.   The band Phoenix will take Saturday’s primetime spot and rockers Red Hot Chili Peppers will be returning for their third festival appearance on Sunday.





The Single mother workout!

She’s a proud single mom, so when it comes time for a bit of fitness, she’s happy to take her son Jackson along.

Charlize Theron and her one-year-old son enjoyed a bit of mommy and me time on Friday as the pair set off on a hiking adventure at Runyon Canyon park in Hollywood on Friday.


The 37-year-old sported a sleek and slouchy look, showing off her toned arms in a striped blue vest top and loose-fitting grey sweatpants.

Charlize added a touch of chic with a pair of cool black sunglasses and proudly flaunted her newly highlighted locks.

Despite showing off her muscles, the South African-born star still struggled with pulling her son’s pushcart out of the boot of her car.

But they were soon off and Charlize placed her young son into the pram for a run through  the popular park in the Hollywood Hills.

Trailing behind the pair were their two dogs, who looked to be enjoying the burst of  California sunshine.

Charlize, who once admitted to being a heavy smoker, has said that turning to yoga and  exercise has helped her keep a healthy lifestyle.   ‘I’m sure there are women who never have to worry about what they eat. But I do,’ she recently told Vogue magazine.

‘I exercise a lot, and I hike a lot. My mom and I hike at least three times a week.’

She continued, talking about how her tall lean frame has set her apart from the mainstream image of beauty in Hollywood.

‘I was too tall, too big, too late for the supermodel look of the Eighties. Kate Moss and  all the tiny, grungy girls had just become fashionable, and I didn’t fit the bill.’


Orlando Bloom’s Leaves Gym!

Orlando Bloom already has the classic Hollywood looks , but now he is steadily getting the body too.

The Three Musketeets actor was seen looking rather more pumped than he used to as he left the gym in Los Angeles on Friday afternoon.


The 36 year old is becoming well know for his healthy and active lifestyle and the results of his regular fitness training are reall starting to show.

Orlando may have had his upper body covered up , but there was no hiding his bulky physique.

The actor wore a great zipped up hoody with a pair of black shorts and same colourful blue and yellow trainers.

His biceps were still visible as he bent his arm up and the star must have put some serious work in on his chest which also looked chiseled through the hoody.

Rather than head straight home and rest his tired body Orlando decided to do a bit of shopping in West Hollywood.

With such a recognisable face the father-of-one avoided being mobbed by screaming fans by hiding slightly under a trucker cap.   The headgear couldn’t tame his wild brown locks but it did the trick and kept him  incognito as he shopped around Sunset Plaza.

The British star was perhaps picking up some things and running errands for his wife Miranda Kerr who should be taking things easy at the moment.   The 29-year-old model was injured in a crash on Monday, which saw her vehicle ‘rammed’ by another car on the motorway in the city.   She is believed to have suffered back injuries in addition to whiplash.


Alexander Skarsgard covers his battered and bruised face!

After appearing quite battered and bruised on Friday , Alexander Skarsgard did a better job of covering up his battle wounds on Monday as he went to lunch with some friends.


The 36 year old , who pirtrays vampire Eric Northman on True Blood , displaying conspicuous bruises on his neck and jaw just a few days prior to his friendly outing in sunny Los Feliz California.


The obvious abrasions drew suspicion that one of his action packed roles that often feature a good deal of fisticuffs – could be taking its toll on him.

No matter what the cause , the famously dapper swede has not looked himself since Friday.

True blood is currently shooting its sixth season and the actor’s character is always getting incolved in some kind of physical ruckus. Which could be the reason he is looking so battered and beaten.

She’s got The Voice and The Body!

She’s not got long now until she’s planning to shave off her hair for Comic Relief with only a few days left on the countdown.


So Jessie J has managed to fit in one last photo call before shedding her locks for charity on Friday.

The Price Tag hitmaker reunited with her fellow The Voice mentors on Monday as she gears up the excitement for the new series.

And she certainly seems on form at the moment as she happily showerf off her slender physique in a sleek black dress for the promotional call.


Jessie 24 was joined by her colleagues Sir Tom Jones , and Danny O’Donoghue as they set
promoting the second series of the BBC talent show.

Clearly in the mood to impress , she turned up in a black wrap dress with a bow belt deatailing , cut to show off her super toned legs.