Jessica Hart shows off her toned figure!

She appeared in the 2009 Swimsuit Issue of Sports Illustrated, and four years later, Jessica Hart is still sporting the same terrific physique.   The Australian model is the new face – and body – for Calzedonia swimwear, featuring in their full summer fashion campaign in an array of bikinis and beachwear items.   Totally in place on the sand, Jessica, 27, looked every bit the surfer chick.


The various swimsuits vary from bandeau and high-waisted briefs, to halter-necks and side tie bottoms.   But no matter the shape or colour, all of the beach items look amazing on Jessica.

The beautiful Australian model – who is dating shipping heir Stavros Niarchos III – hasn’t kept her cover girl shape without effort.   Jessica is proud to share her fitness regime, and says that any model who says they don’t work out is telling a lie.   Speaking to the Sydney Telegraph, the 27-year-old said: ‘There’s no such thing as those girls who don’t work out. Even the girls who say they don’t exercise usually do. You have to.’


‘It’s just part of my life. I run, cycle, do pilates, work out in the gym … everything really. I try and mix it up to keep it interesting but it’s just part of my job.   ‘We have to look good and you never know in this industry when it all might just go away.’   Clearly the effort has paid off for the model who is obviously fronting this swimwear campaign, and getting dressed by top designers for events, including the Met Ball last week.


Gerordie Shore cast sun themselves on Bondi Beach!

They’ve been in Australia for a matter of days.   But the Geordie Shore haven’t wasted any time getting themselves down to the beach to soak up the sunshine Down Under.   Holly Hagan led the way for her castmates, showing off her bikini bod in a turquoise bikini top and denim shorts as made her way across the sands.


And as well as showcasing her feminine curves in the swimwear, Holly used the opportunity to display her newly-dyed purple hair.   The shade is in sharp contrast to the bright red colour Holly became famous for, but the 20-year-old star said that she just fancied a change.   Holly said of her new look: ‘I had the red hair for two years and it had a lot of memories in it – there were so many secrets in that hair.

‘I think it’s just nice to have a change – it’s bright, it’s fun – it’s the new Holly.’   And Holly certainly appears to be embracing her new look, wearing her purple locks half tied up on top of her head as she enjoyed the day at the beach.   She was joined by her castmate Sophie Kasaei, who opted for a white triangle bikini top and low-slung white ripped shorts, with a floral pocket detail.


Sophie looked somewhat sombre as she laid out her Minnie Mouse towel on the sand in preparation for a long sunbathing session.   Prior to arriving Down Under, Sophie had said she was concerned that her relationship with on-off boyfriend Joel Corry may not survive for the six weeks she is out there for.   She said: ‘It does worry me being away for so long. I will be gone for six weeks, and I know how hard that is going to be for my relationship. Will he come over and if he doesn’t will I be able to trust him as much before?

‘I just don’t know, I am really scared to be honest. It’s all real, so there’ s no way of knowing what is going to happen, there is no script, it’s real life.’

But whatever happens with her relationship, Sophie can be safe in the knowledge that her girlfriends will always stand by her.   She was seen chatting to her fellow Geordie girls including Vicky Pattison, who kept covered up in the sun wearing a black anchor-print vest top and shorts.   Despite an absence from the group from the first few days of their Australia trip, Charlotte Letitia-Crosby joined the cast for the day at the beach, looking thrilled to be back with her pals.


Another familiar face to make a return – much to the delight of fans – is Jay Gardner, who has decided to rejoin the show for the sixth season.


Jay’s return follows the departure of Vicky’s ex-fiancé Ricci Guarnaccio and Dan Thomas from the show.   But now Jay, who left the show at the end of the third series, is back – and looking more buff than ever, judging by his sculpted body in black swimming shorts on the beach.


Speaking of his return to the show, Jay said: ‘I can’t wait to catch up with the lad’s in Australia, especially my mate Gaz, and see what this Scotty guy is really all about! Will be great catching up with the girls in the house too, I just hope that there’s less drama this time than Cancun!’


Jay’s bromance buddy Gary ‘Gaz’ Beadle was giving him some strong competition in the muscular stakes, showing off his frame in a pair of blue swimming shorts.   Gary certainly appeared to be enjoying himself, and raised his arms out to the side while closing his eyes and soaking up the sunshine, as James Tindale also went for a Baywatch-type slow stroll through the water.

Going for something slightly more active later in the day, Gary covered up his torso in a T-shirt as he paddleboarded in the sea.

Scott Timlin also went for an active approach during the day out, doing handstands and somersaults – much to the delight of his fellow beach-goers.





Workouts definitely paid off!

Fans of The Bourne Identity with certain affection for Matt Damon will be salivating over his next project.

The 42-year-old actor stars as a muscled tough guy named Max in Neill Blomkamp’s forthcoming sci-fi drama Elysium.


A newly-released promotional shot obtained by Entertainment Weekly shows the action star revealing his rock hard abs, decorated with tattoos, as he prepares to invade a space station – home to a utopian society which has left humans for dead on Earth.

His head shaved, and body covered with ink, Damon takes centre stage in the latest offering from Blomkamp, who also wrote and directed intelligent sci-fi film District 9.

Set in the year 2154, Elysium follows life on a space station of the same name, and the humans on Earth forced to fight for survival on a toxic planet.

Blomkamp described Max as the ‘archetypal character who just grew up on the wrong side of the tracks but isn’t a bad guy’, in an interview with

‘The idea is that they grew up in this gang environment so each tattoo does have a personal meaning to the character,’ the actor added.

The star revealed the vision for the character, who wears an exo-skeleton ‘hulk-suit’ meant he had to bulk up substantially for the role. He was also concerned about getting injured.

‘It’s really insidious trying to carry extra weight even if you’re in shape,’ Damon told the publication. ‘You just really need a pretty strong core or you can get injured pretty easily, particularly at my age.’

Damon is no stranger to altering his appearance when it comes to his job.


The Good Will Hunting hunk drastically lost weight for his roles in The Talented Mr Ripley and Courage Under Fire, before beefing up again for his iconic part as Jason Bourne.   At the time he said: ‘It’s just really hard work… I’ve lost tremendous amounts of weight in my life and there’s just no secret.

‘I did it before the days of getting a nutritionist and chef, you just got to run 13 miles a day with six and a half in the morning and six and a half at night.

‘You can never take a day off and, for four months, you eat nothing but chicken and egg whites and broccoli and no butter anywhere.

‘If you go out to eat you have to have a conversation with the waiter and say, “I’m gonna be your worst nightmare. I’m gonna send the food back if I taste oil on it and I will taste the oil on it.” You got to be that guy.’

He credits Bourne with helping him to prepare for this latest role.

‘I was lucky, because my first big running job was with Franka Potente on the first Bourne,’ he recalled to EW.

‘Franka and Tom Tykwer went out before they shot Run Lola Run and they video-ed her running and she told me, “I was shocked at what I looked like.” She said, “Before you do any of this, go out and get a look at yourself running because you’re way more spastic than you think. You don’t look like what you think you look like, you feel cooler than you actually look when you run.” And that was great advice.’

More recently, the Oscar-winner gained 30 pounds for The Informant, with Damon then joking: ‘I think I lost my Sexiest Man Alive title.’

In preparation of the Steven Soderbergh film, he said: ‘I just stopped working out and basically just ate whatever I wanted.

‘I ate a lot of burgers, a lot of beer and basically had a great time.’

Legendary Silence Of The Lambs actress Jodie Foster will join Damon onscreen in Elysium, along with Prison Break star William Fichtner.

The film is scheduled for release in August.


Working out Well!

Ashley Tisdale’s love of exercise rubs off on her boyfriend as they step out in his and hers gym gear.

He’s a rocker and she’s a saccharine sweet former Disney princess, so it’s safe to say Ashley Tisdale and her boyfriend Christopher French aren’t exactly cut from the same cloth.


But the cute couple appear to have found common ground in the form of a mutual love of exercise. Ashley has long been a fitness fanatic and seems to work out on a near daily basis.

And now it looks like her healthy lifestyle has rubbed off on Christopher, as the pair stepped out together on Saturday while both sporting gym gear.   The High School Musical actress and Annie Automatic frontman were seen leaving a Los Angeles restaurant together after lunch, with their arms lovingly wrapped around each other.

Their workout wear would suggest that the pair had been on a hike or to an exercise session prior to their meal.

Ashley, 27, showed off her amazing toned legs in a pair of teeny tiny black shorts, along with a baggy grey tank top which had an image of the American flag in a heart shape emblazoned on it.   The blonde’s white sports bra peeked out from the low-cut sleeves of the top and the only colour pop in Ashley’s outfit came in the form of a pair of pink trainers with yellow laces.   Meanwhile Christopher covered up in an all-black outfit as he wore shorts over leggings, along with a V-neck T-shirt, Adidas trucker hat with camouflage detailing and grey Nike trainers.


On Thursday the couple attended the Hollywood premiere of Spring Breakers, which stars Ashley’s close friend Selena Gomez and her best pal and former High School Musical co-star Vanessa Hudgens.   Ashley and Chrisopher have just returned from a romantic getaway to Hawaii, where they were  spotted relaxing on the beach and playing in the sea together.   The Hellcats star was taking a break after wrapping filming on Scary Movie 5, and before getting stuck into work on Left Behind, which she will star in opposite Nicolas Cage and Chad Michael Murray.









Fantastic at 44!

Kelly Bensimon proudly shows off her mega toned body.

With a career that started in modelling, it’s no wonder Kelly Bensimon is so comfortable  with her body.


At age 44, nothing is stopping the former Real Housewives of New York cast member from flaunting her slim physique.   Spotted sunning herself in Miami on Saturday, Kelly donned a blue-and-white printed string  bikini.

Her thin legs looked endless in her floral bottoms, while her trim tummy and voluptuous top  was accentuated by a barely-there triangle top.


The mother of two was sure to take care of her skin, though – an effort to keep a youthful glow well into her forties.   A bottle of SPF 30 sat on a table at her side while she soaked in the rays, and a pair of classic aviators protected her eyes from UV damage and potential wrinkles.

No matter what revealing style the reality star experiments with, she’s sure to keep her hair long with slight beachy waves and typically parted in the centre.   Her poolside look wasn’t complete without accessories, though.   An arm of gold bangles sparkled in the sun, and when she was through with lying on a lounger and wanted to cool her feet in the pool, she threw on a breezy matching button-down top that she left open.

Kelly believes her beach body is attainable for anyone, as she’s revealed all her diet secrets in her new book, I Can Make You Hot! The Supermodel Diet.   Her fit figure has also been spotted heading to and from the gym, as well as running along the streets of New York, as once captured on Bravo’s Real Housewives.












Buns Of Steel!

andice Swanepoel shares the secret behind her perfect pert posterior as she does leg crunches in tight leggings.

The 24 year old shared a picture of herself working out on her Twiiter and Instagram accounts this week.


In the snap, the South African stunner is seen doing leg crunches in a pair of very tight workout leggings and a white sports bra, which also expertly shows off her supremely toned tummy.


Wearing ankle weights, Candice works up a sweat as she flexes her leg and bottom muscles.

She does the exercise in front of a mirror in what appears to be a private gym.

Candice aptly hash tagged the snap ‘buns of steel’, thrilling her fans in the process.

Like her fellow Angels, Candice works out extremely hard to keep in tip top Victoria’s Secret shape.

Candice told last year that her ‘butt workouts’ are the most important in her regime.

‘Butt for me is really important so [my trainer and I] always end with butt lifts on all  fours,’ she said.

If I haven’t seen him in awhile the whole session is butt!’

The blonde beauty also regularly indulges in Yoga and Boxing.

‘[Yoga is] one of my new favorite ways; I just started doing more. It’s nice to just be able to stretch and work on your body but also your mind,’ she said.

‘Boxing has always worked really well for me as a full-body workout. I like something that’s fast; you really feel like you’re getting the energy up.’   Unlike many of the other VS model, including Adriana Lima, who have admitting in the past to fasting ahead of a shoot or show, Candice said she must eat to keep energised.

‘I have to eat a lot because my metabolism is nuts, although I don’t know how long it’ll be  like that!’ she said.

Recently Candice has been modelling and promoting the new Victoria’s Secret ‘Swim’ range  around the clock.   The blonde beauty jetted out of Los Angeles on Wednesday after a promotional stop in Hollywood  to reveal the retail chain’s latest swimwear.   She, along with fellow VS Angels Alessandra Ambrosio attended a myriad events to promote the new Victoria’s Secret Collection.

The group started their morning with an appearance on Good Morning America, and followed up a  poolside photo call with an online Q&A session.   Their day also included an interview on Extra at The Grove and a meet and greet appearance  for fans at the Beverly Center mall in Los Angeles.


They then topped it all off by attending the Victoria’s Secret 2013 Swim Party on Tuesday night in Beverly Hills.   At the event, Candice looked sultry in halterneck fitted dress, which sported a red-and-blue pattern on the front and a flare at the bottom.   The South African stunner wore point black heels and scraped her blonde hair back into a tight  bun.





Orlando Bloom’s Leaves Gym!

Orlando Bloom already has the classic Hollywood looks , but now he is steadily getting the body too.

The Three Musketeets actor was seen looking rather more pumped than he used to as he left the gym in Los Angeles on Friday afternoon.


The 36 year old is becoming well know for his healthy and active lifestyle and the results of his regular fitness training are reall starting to show.

Orlando may have had his upper body covered up , but there was no hiding his bulky physique.

The actor wore a great zipped up hoody with a pair of black shorts and same colourful blue and yellow trainers.

His biceps were still visible as he bent his arm up and the star must have put some serious work in on his chest which also looked chiseled through the hoody.

Rather than head straight home and rest his tired body Orlando decided to do a bit of shopping in West Hollywood.

With such a recognisable face the father-of-one avoided being mobbed by screaming fans by hiding slightly under a trucker cap.   The headgear couldn’t tame his wild brown locks but it did the trick and kept him  incognito as he shopped around Sunset Plaza.

The British star was perhaps picking up some things and running errands for his wife Miranda Kerr who should be taking things easy at the moment.   The 29-year-old model was injured in a crash on Monday, which saw her vehicle ‘rammed’ by another car on the motorway in the city.   She is believed to have suffered back injuries in addition to whiplash.


That’s How she does it!

Vanessa Hudgens turned herself into a walking advertisement for Pilates on Thursday.

The Spring Breakers star showed of her flawless physique as she went to the exercise class  in Los Angles, California.   The 24-year-old has clearly been hitting the strengthening and toning class regularly as the  she was able to show off perfectly defined legs – which did not have a hint of cellulite.


Obviously the High School Musical star is proud of her hard work as she wore tiny purple tie-dyed booty shorts for the grueling class.   The actress added a white tank to her workout look highlighting her tanned skin.   On the the way into her class Vanessa covered up a bit more – except still kept her toned  legs on display –  wearing a grunge-inspired flannelette shirt with comfy ugg boots.

Bending over to set up her Pilates reformer, Vanessa showed exactly what she has been working  on.


hile the other women in her class chatted and slowly set up, Vanessa was ready and rearing to go immediately jumping on the reformer and stretching.   The star has previously spoken about her need to do Pilates thanks to a chocolate addiction.

She told Self magazine she hits the gym at least four times a week, combining cardio on machines with spin classes and Pilates.   She said to Self: ‘My secret to flat abs is Pilates.

‘I like sitting in the front row of cycling class. I feel like everybody behind me is looking forward, and that pushes me to do my best.

‘I look at myself in the mirror and get this really ferocious, angry look on my face like I’m  about to kill someone. It’s crazy.’   The brunette beauty is certainly very dedicated to her working out regime as she went to the class just hours before she had to get ready for the Los Angeles premiere of her new movie, Spring Breakers, on Thursday night.

The 24-year-old joins Selena Gomez and Ashley Benson to play friends who commit a robbery to  fund their Spring Break.

The film sees Vanessa spend a fair share of her time in her bikini – so luckily she has put  in the hours at Pilates.   Spring Breakers – which also stars James Franco – is already getting rave reviews, however most of the praise is reserved for James than his female co-stars.   While technically the gritty independent flick was released last year at Cannes Film Festival,  American moviegoers will get a chance to see Selena, Vanessa and Ashley turn into very bad girls on March 22.







Fighting Fit!

Make up free Adriana Lima shows just how she keeps in Victoria’s secret shape as she enjoys her favourite
boxing workout!  It is the kind of exercise which whipped her into shape for the Victoria’s secret show last
year a mere eight weeks after giving birth to her second child.

Adriana Lima at a bodybuilding training day in Miami

So Adriana Lima knows she is onto a sure thing. The 31 year old Brazilian bombshell was seen indulging in her favourite exercise , boxing in Miami on Monday.

With not a crap of make up on her flawless visage , The supermodel sweated it out as she trained at a gym in the Florida city alongside a slew of burly men.


he raven haired beauty had a ball and was seen cheekily sticking her tongue out as she teamed up with a trainer who put her through her paces.

Mother of two Adriana displayed her trim figure in a black v neck T-shirt and tight matching leggings.

With her hair pulled back in a plait as well as showing off her boxing moves h the Victoria’s secret stunner did squats and lifed weights in the mostly male orientated gym.


The thigh-gap Workout

As top personal trainer has revealed that it is possible to get the supermodel thigh look without resorting to
cosmetic procedures or extreme eating regimes!

Victoria's Secret 2012 Fashion Show Runway - Show

But while mr Townsend’s targeted inner thigh workout may be healthier it is by no means an easy option and
requires some serious effort. One must do 12-15 reps of each of the five different exercises which include
squarts , lunges and the terrifying-sounding single leg romanian deadlift. On the plus side they can be done at home as part of a daily routine as like any workout keeping it up regularly is key to its success. The workout challenges the commonly hed belied that one must severely restrict their diet in order to achieve slim upper thighs.On the plus side they can be done at home as part of a daily routine as like any workout keeping it up regularly is the key to its success.
But Mr Townsend is adamant that a severe diet is the worst course of action.

The goal is to effectively target the muscles so they are healthy and toned not weak and frail he explained. so many of these girls think they need to starve themselves to get skinny. while i agree that both dieting and genetics do play a role.