Shut up B****!

She never pulls any punches, and the latest target to take a verbal battering from in the incomparable Joan Rivers is former TODAY host Ann Curry



When asked about the ongoing Today show drama, Rivers, 79, shocked HuffPost Live host Marc Lamont Hill by laying into Curry.   Curry, 56, left the show last year amidst rumours that co-host Matt Lauer was behind the departure.

And Joan didn’t hold back, she said: ‘Ann Curry?  With all due respect–’ and then made a snoring sound.

She then aped her presenting style by saying: ‘Do you reeeeeallly like coffee?  REALLY?  That’s making me cry that you like coffee.’

But then she added the piece de resistance: ‘I used to scream at the set, “Shut up, b—h!” ‘

Rivers said more in support of Lauer, who has seen TODAY ratings nosedive since Curry left: ‘I think they’re blaming it all on him and it’s very unfair.’

But she did add: ‘She’s a very nice woman and I’ve heard Matt is a toughie.’

And she said of the show ‘it’s being run by a lot of white men” who went to Ivy League schools’  and ‘didn’t keep up with the times.’

The Fashion Show host added: ‘You can’t sit on your laurels. Good Morning America is kicking butt.’