Anne Hathaway steps out on dog walk!

Most dog walkers tend to opt for practical wellies and overcoats to protect them from the elements.

But Anne Hathway would have no doubt left her fellow pooch owners feeling more than a little under-dressed as she stepped out on a stroll in Brooklyn, New York, on Thursday.


Channelling a French-inspired look, the Oscar-winning actress looked effortlessly chic as she pounded the pavements with her beloved canine companion, Esmeralda, in tow.

Proving less can certainly be more when it comes to fashion, the Les Miserables starlet completed her stylish ensemble with a pair of on-trend indigo flared jeans, white pumps and oversized tan-coloured shades.


With her adorable chocolate Labrador leading the way, Anne positively glided through the streets of the Big Apple with a breezy confidence as she went about her day.

The brunette beauty is still wearing her hair in the short style she has been fashioning since having it cut off for her Oscar-winning portrayal of tragic prostitute Fantine in Les Miserables.

And the actress showed off her naturally flawless porcelain skin by appearing to go make-up free for her day out in the city.

Anne, her husband Adam Shulman and their pet pooch Esmeralda divide their time between her native New York City and Los Angeles.

The actress has enjoyed a fantastic year after cleaning up during awards season, culminating in an Oscar for her role as Fantine in Les Miserables.   After taking a break following a hectic few months, she has recently been linked with the lead role in the remake of musical My Fair Lady.


Although the talented star is yet to confirm her part in Cameron Mackintosh’s adaption of the classic film, she has hinted that she might be attached to the project.

Is he The Mr Grey?

It’s the film role that all of Hollywood is talking about, with everyone from Ryan Gosling to Zac Efron rumoured to be in the running.   But it seems that British actor Alex Pettyfer could currently be the frontrunner to play the sought after part of Christian Grey in the film adaptation of E.L James’s best-selling erotic novel.   The 23-year-old has filmed a sex scene as the character for a Fifty Shades Of Grey test film directed by acclaimed director Gus Van Sant, in a bid to impress producers.


And American director Van Sant, who was behind Good Will Hunting and Milk, has chosen the rising Brit star to step into the coveted shoes of Mr Grey for his test.   According to The Wrap, Alex and an undisclosed actress shot a scene in which the story’s lead female character Anastasia Steele loses her virginity to the enigmatic protagonist.

Using the Magic Mike actor for the test doesn’t mean that Van Sant would necessarily use him should he secure the film, but the rising star would see his profile skyrocket should he bag the role.


The phenomenal popularity of the trilogy of books, which have sold more than 70 million copies worldwide, means that the film adaptations are certain to be a hit at the box office.   While the majority of US production companies put in bids to win the right to the novels last year, Universal Pictures and Focus Features eventually won, reportedly spending upwards of $3 million.

While Kelly Marcel is writing the screenplay, British author James reportedly hand-picked producers for the film, deciding on Michael De Luca and Dana Brunetti, who worked together on #The Social Network.

A number of high profile actors and actresses are supposedly being discusses for the lead roles, although studio bosses have remained tight-lipped over any speculation.   With the biggest audience to please being the fans of the books, names in the mix include Michael Fassbender, Emma Stone, Henry Cavill and Elizabeth Olsen.   Alex might not be as well known as some of the other contenders, but he recently impressed Universal bosses so much that they cast him as the lead in forthcoming romantic film Endless Love.   Emma Watson, who was rumoured to play Anastasia, denied the claims via her Twitter account last month.


Vincent Cassel does a Daniel Craig!

His wife, stunning Italian actress Monica Bellucci, could easily pass for a femme fatale from a Bond film and now actor Vincent Cassel looks as though he could audition as the 007 agent with his toned beach body.

Vincent Cassel Soaks Up The Sun in Rio

The 46-year-old Frenchman took to the surf on Arpoador beach in Rio de Janiero, Brazil on Thursday as he holidayed in the South American country.

Soaking up the rays, the actor looked impressively toned as he walked along the sand in a tight pair of swimming trunks.

Slightly resembling Daniel Craig in Casino Royale, the César Award winner waded into the sea, echoing the iconic scene from the 2006 Bond reboot.

The Gallic star has clearly been putting in time on the treadmill to keep himself in shape and displayed a supple, swimmers physique on the beach.

Vincent Cassel Soaks Up The Sun in Rio

He took a dip in the Atlantic, floating along on top of the waves, cooling off from the tropical heat.

The actor can currently be seen in British thriller Trance opposite James McAvoy and Rosario Dawson, directed by Danny Boyle.   In the film he plays a character named Franck who tries to help McAvoy’s character Simon unlock his memories in order to track down some missing art work.   He has also starred in Oscar winning film, Black Swan, and appeared opposite his wife in the controversial 2003 film, Irréversible.

article-2311516-059BF8690000044D-961_306x500Vincent Cassel Soaks Up The Sun in Rio

While his beach body might be Bond-esque, Cassel normally finds himself on the other side of the law in his film roles, having played a burglar in 2007’s Ocean’s Thirteen and as notorious French gangster Jacques Mesrine in a two part 2008 biopic.   With this in mind, he could perhaps give the MI6 agent a run for his money in a different category away from the beach body contest – as a classic Bond villain.

Henry Cavill shows off buff Body!

Given that he’s playing Superman he covers up in his suit for most of the film but fans have been treated to a glimpse of Henry Cavill showing off his buff body, in the new trailer for Man Of Steel.


In the clip the 29-year-old actor is seen running and showing off his impressive muscles as he sprints across the screen.

Henry looks decidedly manly and rugged in the clip, displaying a grisly beard and he has hair across his chest and finely honed abdominals.


In one shot Henry, who plays Clark Kent, saves children from a bus and a voice notes: ‘My son was in the bus he saw what Clark.’   As the trailer plays out showing young Clark growing up it documents his struggle with coming to terms with who he is.

When the world is attacked Kent uses his powers to help protect the planet but his actions see him questioned by journalist Lois Lane, played by Amy Adams.

She asks what the S on his suit means and Henry replied: ‘In my world it’s not an S, in my world it means Hope.

The new trailer comes after a video for Man of Steel, showing General Zod issuing Earth with a warning, surfaced.

In the short clip the Kryptonian general says: ‘My name is general Zod for some time your world has sheltered one of my citizens. I request that you return this individual to my custody.’


Addressing Superman in his native name he sayd: ‘Surrender within 24 hours or watch this world face the consequences.’

Zack Snyder, who directed Watchmen and 300 worked on the film which was penned by The Dark Knight Rises writer David Goyer.

Man of Steel also stars Laurence Fishburne, Diane Lane, Antje Traue, and Michael Shannon and will hit theatres on June 14.


Warrior Princess Jennifer Lawrence dazzles!

She has just celebrated the thrill of a lifetime after winning a best actress Oscar.

But Jennifer Lawrence’s career shows no sign of slowing down , as her portrait from the forthcoming Hunger Games : catching fire was released on Tuesday. And no doubt by the time the sequel to last year’s smash hit is released in November the 22 year old star will have reached new heights due to the mania surrounding its release.

Her character Katniss Everdeen , fresh from being crowned Hunger Games champion in the first film
looks to be enhouing the fruits of her success. She wears  a beutiful white lace gown , which is covered in ornate detailing and she holds a single white rose.

Katiss looks far from the battle-hardened scamp who won hearts as she battled her way through the battle
royal aganist a host of other children in post apocalyptic panem.


but she is not the only old favourite who returns in the exciting series of images which follow on from
the Effie Trinket ‘Capitol Portrait’ which was release on Monday.

For woody Harrelson will win plenty of cheers for reprising his rol as Katniss mentor Haymitch.

And retro rocker Lenny kravitz and Stanley Tucci both return as Cinna and Caesar Flickerman respectively.


But fans will now turn their attention to the big name stars making an apperance for the first time in the forthcoming film.

Philip Seymour hoffman , who will portray Plutarch Heavensbee, is perhaps the biggest new name , while Jena Malone and veteran Amanda Plummer also join the cast.