Zac Efron sports college inking!

He has several tattoos, including a feather on his inner bicep and the phrase ‘YOLO’ on his right outer palm. And on Wednesday Zac Efron was showing off another one on the set of his new film.


The 25-year-old’s inking wasn’t permanent but displayed the Lambda Psi Beta signs from the Greek alphabet as he portrays the role of a University fraternity boy.

Zac teamed it with casual jeans and Nike trainers for filming scenes with co-star Seth Rogen in the comedy motion picture about ‘a frat boy whose behaviour affects a local neighbour’s family life,’ according to IMDb.   University fraternities are often known as Greek letter organisations, consisting of members from undergraduate years only, and are considered to be social groups.


In between recording scenes, the former High School Musical actor was spotted running over to the catering area which offered an assortment of hot drinks.

The heartthrob appeared to be getting his caffeine perk from a cup of tea as he was seen pouring boiling water over a bag before gathering round to chat with colleagues.

His right hand seemed back to normal after a recent injury.   While filming a fight scene with co-star Dave Franco, the action man broke the area on his body.


When he visited Live With Kelly & Michael earlier in April and said: ‘I had to go back to work so I couldn’t really wear a cast. So they [the medics] put like a titanium plate in it and a bunch of screws.   ‘I don’t know why I’m telling you this. My hand, in theory, is back to normal, it just looks really gross.’   The synopsis of his new film states that family man (Rogen) and his wife (Byrne) find their lives a ruined by a rowdy fraternity house nearby.   The husband eventually goes head-to-head with the group’s leader, played by Efron.   According to Indiewire Craig Roberts will join Christopher Mintz-Plasse and Dave Franco as a fellow frat boy.