Taking The Plunge!

Her character Dory was one of the most beloved characters in Finding Nemo.   And now Ellen DeGeneres has confirmed she is to reprise her role in a sequel which will focus on the Pacific regal blue tang.   The daytime talk show doyen joked she was only a ‘contender’ to reprise her role when the film was announced on Tuesday, before revealing the full plan to make Finding Dory.


The comedienne said: ‘Today, I am proud to officially announce that Pixar is making a sequel to Finding Nemo.   ‘Here’s the good news – They say I’m one of the 5 top contenders to play the part of Dory.

‘No, I will be Dory again, which is the most fun in the world.  Actually the entire sequel is about Dory. The name of the movie is Finding Dory.   ‘So kids, let that be a lesson to you – Anything is possible if you’re patient and you beg hard enough on national television.


#I’m excited that it’s finally happening.  I read the script and it’s fantastic, it’s hilarious,  it’s warm, it’s everything that you want it to be.

‘But the thing about those movies – They’re brilliant and they take a long time to make.  So, it won’t be in theaters until 2015.’   She also gave a run down about how she was frequently left disappointed by Pixar bosses whenever she brought up the subject on whether a sequel would be made.

Ellen said: ‘Wherever I go, people are always asking me about Finding Nemo and are they gonna  make a  Finding Nemo 2.  And I didn’t realize it, but I guess I’ve mentioned it on the show once or twice.

‘So I mentioned it a couple times.  But I’m a positive, patient person.  And I know that when you have a successful movie, usually they make a sequel.

‘So I waited and I waited.  And finally I got the call from the director, Andrew Stanton-who  I love very much, a very talented man– telling me yes indeed they are gonna make Toy Story 3.   ‘And I said hooray for Tom Hanks.  Finally something good for him.

‘So then I waited some more, knowing that one day Andrew Stanton—who I love very much– would  call again.  And then not too long ago, he called.  He said, “Ellen, the rumors are true.  We’re gonna go ahead and make Cars 2.   ‘I wasn’t mad.  I was furious.  But I really believed that one day it would happen.’

And now she finally has a sequel in the works she said she is now planning her next big campaign for her hit daytime show.   The funnywoman said: ‘Only one million, three hundred ninety-five thousand, and three hundred  and sixty-two minutes to go.   ‘But for now, I can start my next campaign – When are they gonna make Finding Dory 2?’