Vanessa Hudgens Shows off toned legs!

The brunette beauty was seen working out her incredible physique before she hit the blue carpet at the debut of The House Of Moscato launch party for the new SKYY Infusions Moscato Grape Vodka.


The 24-year-old had clearly worked out her legs ahead of the public appearance at Greystone Manor Supperclub, in West Hollywood, California, and was keen to show them off on Wednesday.

Working it: The Spring Breakers star went to Studio City to work out her legs earlier in the dayThe results of her gruelling exercise regime were obvious as her tanned and toned legs took centre stage in a red and black playsuit.

Vanessa teamed the thigh baring outfit with a black cardigan and a pair of pointy shoes as she accessorised with a small Chanel handbag.

The High School Musical star had her beautiful face partially hidden as she wore her thick brown hair down.

With her legs being the centre of attention Vanessa tried in vain to bring the focus back to the launch.

The saucy star tantalisingly posed with a clutch of grapes in her hand as she feigned eating them.

Hudgens obviously had a blast at the soiree as she tweeted: ‘Sippin’ on some SKYY Infusions Moscato Grape at @SKYYVodka’s #HouseOfMoscato!’ (sic)

Vanessa likes to party hard, but she also works hard as was the case earlier on Wednesday when she hit the gym for a pre-party pump.

She was seen at a Pilates studio in Studio City, sporting a pair of black and floral Lululemon yoga trousers.


Staying fit and healthy is of prime importance to the star as she will embark on another promotional trail soon for her new movie.

Vanessa stars in Gimme Shelter, alongside Rosario Dawson and Brendan Fraser, as a teenager who sets out to find her Wall Street father.

That’s How she does it!

Vanessa Hudgens turned herself into a walking advertisement for Pilates on Thursday.

The Spring Breakers star showed of her flawless physique as she went to the exercise class  in Los Angles, California.   The 24-year-old has clearly been hitting the strengthening and toning class regularly as the  she was able to show off perfectly defined legs – which did not have a hint of cellulite.


Obviously the High School Musical star is proud of her hard work as she wore tiny purple tie-dyed booty shorts for the grueling class.   The actress added a white tank to her workout look highlighting her tanned skin.   On the the way into her class Vanessa covered up a bit more – except still kept her toned  legs on display –  wearing a grunge-inspired flannelette shirt with comfy ugg boots.

Bending over to set up her Pilates reformer, Vanessa showed exactly what she has been working  on.


hile the other women in her class chatted and slowly set up, Vanessa was ready and rearing to go immediately jumping on the reformer and stretching.   The star has previously spoken about her need to do Pilates thanks to a chocolate addiction.

She told Self magazine she hits the gym at least four times a week, combining cardio on machines with spin classes and Pilates.   She said to Self: ‘My secret to flat abs is Pilates.

‘I like sitting in the front row of cycling class. I feel like everybody behind me is looking forward, and that pushes me to do my best.

‘I look at myself in the mirror and get this really ferocious, angry look on my face like I’m  about to kill someone. It’s crazy.’   The brunette beauty is certainly very dedicated to her working out regime as she went to the class just hours before she had to get ready for the Los Angeles premiere of her new movie, Spring Breakers, on Thursday night.

The 24-year-old joins Selena Gomez and Ashley Benson to play friends who commit a robbery to  fund their Spring Break.

The film sees Vanessa spend a fair share of her time in her bikini – so luckily she has put  in the hours at Pilates.   Spring Breakers – which also stars James Franco – is already getting rave reviews, however most of the praise is reserved for James than his female co-stars.   While technically the gritty independent flick was released last year at Cannes Film Festival,  American moviegoers will get a chance to see Selena, Vanessa and Ashley turn into very bad girls on March 22.