Love Boat!

They’ve been dating for 12 years, and clearly the love between Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova is stronger than ever.   The singer whisked his tennis playing girlfriend away in a speed boat for a romantic ride around Biscayne Bay in Miami.   With Enrique, 37, in the driving seat, Anna, 31, could enjoy the view of the Floridian coastline of their home town.


The retired pro-tennis star wore a red bikini with a gold circle detail, and which tied with a cross over her back. Anna wore khaki shorts over her swimsuit bottoms and RayBan Wayfarer sunglasses.   Hair tied back into a pony-tail, it whipped across her back in the wind.


Enrique chose a simple white T-shirt that he wore with cream cargo shorts and a brown baseball cap.   For extra eye protection the Spanish born singer wore a pair of sunglasses as he navigated his way out of the harbour.   This year, Enrique began to record new songs for his 10th studio album.

The Hero singer has been working with producer Mark Taylor, The Cataracs, Rome Ramirez and Marty James for the latest LP.   Anna retired from competitive tennis ten years after suffering repeated back and spine injuries.   However she does play in charitable meets whenever the opportunity arises.