Sean Lowe Shares Kiss with Fiancee

Usually men find it impossible to take their eyes off a basketball match.   But that did not apply to Sean Lowe as the Dancing With The Stars contestant locked lips with fiancee Catherine Giudicias they watched the LA Lakers on Sunday.   He seemed more interested in his lady than watching the basketball giants take on the San Antonio Spurs at the city’s Staple’s Centre arena.


It conveniently comes on the back of reports the reality personality has developed a massive ego since joining the dance show, and has been neglecting his fellow Survivor favourite.   Their very public show of affection may have meant they missed some of the action as the Lakers pulled off a gritty win minus their main star Kobe Bryant.   Other stars watching the exciting game included Charlize Theron, Karina Smirnoff  and Ellen Pompeo.   It had been reported that there is trouble in paradise already for Survivor couple Sean and Catherine.

According to sources, his relationship with his fiancee has ‘taken a backseat’ as he is consumed by his new Hollywood career.

Lowe is said to have developed a ‘huge ego’ since joining Dancing With The Stars as a celebrity contestant earlier this year.   A source told Life & Style magazine that he has become obsessed with fame and money and described some very uncharacteristic ‘diva antics’.   ‘When he goes to the (Dancing with the Stars) after-parties, he’s always an hour late and brings the biggest entourage with him– like eight people,’ the source said.   ‘No one else does that.’

Bachelor Sean Lowe Reveals!

Since he declined the offer to spend the night with any of the final three contestants in the fantasy suite , rumours began swirling that Sean Lowe was the first virgin bachelor.

And now the southern gentleman has confirmed that he and new fiancee Catherine Giudici will wait until their wedding night to consummate their relationship!


Sean 29 is a conservative Christian and born again virgin , who has abstained from  sex since college.

And his 26 yeard old bride to be is happy to ‘honor’ her future husband’s beliefs.

The hunky blonde explained his decision to practise abstinence until he has exchanged vows.

‘I lived life kind of selfishly for a long time , and i reached a point where i was tired of being selfish.

‘I wanted to live my life the way i know it to be right. It’s a personal choice for me’

Sean popped the question to the gorgeous graphic designer in Thailand, and after  keeping their relationship under wraps for so long, the smitten pair are delighted  that they can finally go public with their romance.


‘It’s daunting, the whole prospect of it,’ Catherine said. ‘We can finally be engaged in public. That’s the first step. Then the wedding plans.’

Sean added: ‘We’ve kicked around some ideas. It could be this summer. We talked about an outdoor wedding in the L.A. area. I think that will be fun. We want it to be a big party.’ And while the couple are keen to have children, they are not in any rush to start a family.

‘We want to move around a little while we’re newly married and enjoy that first,’ Sean said, going on to say that they want ‘maybe three’ children and have ‘talked about adopting’.

He added: ‘I’m enjoying just being an uncle right now. I can wait on becoming a dad.’   Catherine echoed: ‘Having kids is something that we have to take really seriously. We have to be ready.’

The couple, who used to pass each other secret love notes on the show, clearly have just as strong feelings for each other since the glamour of The Bachelor came to an end.

‘I’ve just never been able to open up to anybody the way I have with him,’ Catherine gushed. ‘He’s a man, but he’s so compassionate. The full package.’   Sean added: ‘It’s no natural for me to be with Catherine. She’s my best friend. When we’re together, we know it’s right.’

Although the nine million viewers who tuned into the finale watched Sean  wrestle between whether to choose Catherine or Lindsay Yenter, Sean admitted that the decision was not as much of a tough one as it was made out to be.

‘I loved Lindsay for the person she is, but I was in love with Catherine,’he said.  ‘The hardest part was knowing that Lindsay thought she would get engaged that day, and instead I was about to break her heart.’