Rob Lowe shows off his surf skills!

He rose to fame in the 80s in a variety of hit films, which established him as one of the leading members of the Brat Pack alongside Emilio Estevez.   But these days while the cool acting group may have dismembered, it looks like Rob Lowe may be trying to get another kind of pack – of the six pack variety.   The 49-year-old actor was seen showing off his impressive physique as he hit the waves for some surfing in Hawaii on Tuesday.


The handsome American was seen topless with his hair-less chest on show before he slipped on a rash vest for going in the water.   He may not quite have a six pack but he certainly has an impressive body and muscly arms.


The West Wing star is not a first time surfer as he showed taking to the waves with poise and confidence.   Wearing a pair of black shorts with a rash vest that clung his chest Rob manoeuvred the waves with ease.   And when he emerged from the water with his wet hair messily falling around his head, he looked every inch the Hollywood heartthrob he was back in the days of St Elmo’s Fire.

Rob’s surfing trip on Tuesday seemed to be one with his friends as he wasn’t accompanied by his wife of 21 years, make-up artist Sheryl Berkoff or either of their two sons 19-year-old Erick and 17-year-old John.   The holiday to Hawaii was no doubt a welcome break for the busy actor who has been playing health-nut Chis Chris Traeger on NBC’s Parks and Recreation, which is now in its fifth season.   Speaking about his character, The Austin Powers actor said recently: ‘He’s become the happiest sad person on network television. He embraces life, even when he’s steering into a depressing skid.


‘There’s a part of him that savors it in a way that I think is sort of sweet and weirdly inspiring.’

The popular actor is likely to surprise fans with his next role though as he ‘goes gay’ alongside Michael Douglas and Matt Damon in Steven Soderbergh’s Liberace biopic, Behind the Candelabra, which airs on HBO in May.   ‘Matt Damon and I would sit on the set in our makeup and costume and be like, “Dude, when people see us in this movie, it’s going to be the end for both of us,”‘ Lowe told CNN last month.   ‘It’s the most outrageous, over-the-top, hilarious, demented and yet weirdly realistic and sweet movie ever made. And, I might add, it’s so gay, it makes an average episode of Glee look like The Expendables.’